Church organs

Quality, not Quantity

A well voiced pipe organ is capable of leading the congregation in singing. Lots of electronic organs are offered with an attractive amount of stops based on the argument that the instrument should have lots of variation possibilities. The reality is unfortunate in that for this kind of organ you have to use more than one stop to produce a sound which is close to the character and power of one pipe-organ stop. Thus, in relatively small churches there are electronic organs commanding over 40 stops. The VAN DER POEL system is capable of giving each stop its own character, liveliness and power, which reduces the need for over dimensioned stoplists. Rather than targeting on quantity of fairly basic sounds, we focus on quality and individual character of sound.

External features

A church building is worthy of an organ that fits within its space. This not only holds for the sound but also for the case of the organ. Sometimes there is room for a traditionally built organ consisting of one case that includes the console, manual and pedal departments. If the height of the building is sufficient, it is also possible to construct a (moveable) console and a separate case, decorated in style, which includes the speakers. Of course, VAN DER POEL -KERKORGELS- always constructs a custom-made case for each organ so as to make it fit in the building and meet the wishes of the customer. Special attention is paid to the location of the speakers in the case(s) to ensure a natural result reflecting the original positioning of the various departments (Great, Swell, Choir and Pedal) in the organ.